19 enero, 2011

Have you ever did write a letter to Santa? Maybe you still do it… You bring it here, that we are going to improve it a little bit.
Whatever it might be what you want for your life it already exists in some place, or it is already done since the moment in which you said “I want” (“I really want this for my life”, not any willing “just because”), and it is only expecting you.When you are sufficiently prepared to receive it, then it will appear. You will say “I cannot believe it!”, or “it’s a miracle” … Yes, it is a miracle, but that other phrase, “I cannot believe it”, forget about it, because now it is not going to be necessary anymore.
Starting for the definition of “miracle” : prodigy, wonder, supernatural phenomenon, let us clarify this. The meaning of the word miracle varies according to the religions, but we can synthesize it thus: Miracle is the intervention of God in the Universe. For many people, this happens once each 2 thousand years, or almost…, but the truth is that God intervenes every day in the matters of the Universe, and for this purpose it depends on your interpretation of Its Supreme Desire. Respecting the universal principles and ABOVE ALL the free will of each individual (a divine right), and leaving from the base that the Truth I AM THE GREAT PRESENCE OF GOD within myself, since that practically there is not thing that itself cannot be achieved.

·First of all, the truth affirmed in the Creative Logos is: I Am Christ in me, and I Am God in action. The Being within yourself is a divine gift, it is the faculty to anchor the Presence of God in the physical plan.

·Second: “I Am Here and I Am There”, just as Master Jesus expressed it, signifies that in essence your “I Am” is not different to that of your brother, by witch is very important that your desire be aforesaid in harmony toward all and every single life, according to the Will of God and in a perfect way. Thus it is like is asked on the right way, in the certainty that your desire will not damage anyone, since you asked it in harmony toward all.

·Third: When you ask something that you really want, is very important that the order goes accompanied by a happy internal state, thanked, confident and receptive. If your ego interferes (the ego at times is a little inopportune, and knocks down to the I (I Am, the Being) with his “brilliant logical reasoning”), don’t forget that the I (I AM) is the leader (the boss) and the Ego is an employee of the company. Therefore, you maintain yourself in a positive pole (see “THE UNIVERSAL LAW” in this same blog), and you keep the VISION, since this is also a gift from God, at any cost you need rescue that VISION in its purer state, just the way as it were inspired by your I Upper Being. In Metaphysics we call “to precipitate” to the mental action to materialize things with our thoughts. And we give for writen down of course that our affirmations are used ALWAYS in harmony toward all (everybody) and never of the evers by another interests than WHAT IS GOOD FOR ALL.
Here our personal opinion remains rigorously kept in the room of the pots, therefore the individual identifications, points of views, opinions, etc., they do not count at all, actually they don’t neither support nobody in reality. I do not intend and I will not to overwhelm you more with concepts and metaphysical terms. We go to the practice.

Close your eyes. Now, you think in which you want for your life. A lot of things, isn’t it? Good…, start by something very simple. Oh…, over there I see a vanilla ice cream, but…, Ups, today you had a displeasure with that person, you agreed to an unpleasant attitude and… (the ice cream is now melting itself…), look: the “I don’t want it!” Show-time is just began. Did you agreed to thanks first? If you continue permitting to the ego (the lower selfishness of your material being) blocks your higher desire with its whims and eagerness of prominence at any cost, more probable is that you see a vanilla ice cream, in another person’s hands…, or in some advertising place. As you will see, everything that you ask appears sooner or later, by a form or another. The matter is how do you ask it, on what mood? Do not you permit that the lightest displeasure blur your original desire. Take out of your mind everything what is not ice cream and let only the ice cream in focus. Now… open your eyes. What do you see? You do not protest to me… that is a dish of soup, I already know it… I’ll begin to count until ten, or better… I sit down to expect very quietly… Before this day finish you will be having a delicious vanilla ice cream, just as you asked it. It is not a prescription of apple pie, but it is very similar. Only a little detail: 1º THANKS, then, later you enjoy it, and not upside down.

What I have told you about the prescription of apple pie is actually relevant, and the housewives they are going to understand this very well, because for making an apple pie, first that nothing, a person must wanted to do it, that is the main ingredient: wanting to. Later you go to the kitchen, display all the ingredients for the mass and the backfill. Finally, you put it in the oven. While it cooks itself, you are not going to be opening the oven every 2 minutes to see if is true that there an apple pie being cooked. Is there anyone who would occur himself to doubt of this? Of course not. In that half an hour of oven, the happy cooker sits down to take some glass of wine or whatever, and simply she expects to that be the moment to remove it of the oven. “It has its time for all what is desired under the sun”, The Ecclesiastes says. Thus, such as, is with all another materialization in your life. In other words, give thanks, make your order, and then… you do put yourself to a side, and let that the Divine Wisdom do the rest. “Thanks Father, because it is already done” is an indisputable truth. You forget about the clocks. In a present time the lady only had the idea, and from this to the while, there she had the apple pie. That is to live in an eternal present. 

The first thing that made God was the Light.(Genesis 1:3)



And the light is everywhere.

The Mind governs to the matter. All the referring thing to the physical world, from the biggest buildings until the smallest thing that you can see by your side, is governed by the same principle: first is the Idea, later its materialization. In every thing, situation, person, animal, plant, as well as in everything that you do daily, to the “smallnesses” and trivialities of every day, all these circumstances are governed by the same principle. The Universe is mental. Everything that you see your around came to you by your own energy. according to your vibration, and if it delayed more or less for coming, it was due to the velocity of your own frequency. If it pleases to you or not, this depends exclusively of the qualification that you gave to it at the moment of its conception. Nevertheless, there is nothing in the physical world that can escape to the mandate of the mind, in the context of your belief, state of spirit, etc. The superior dominates on the lower things, that is the Law that complies always.

Now I am going to complicate it you a little bit one more, since recently a girl asked me a well interesting question, that foot has given me to tell the history of another girl, now a woman of middle age.
The anecdote of this friend serves to illustrate an “I want” efficient. Some years ago, this friend went through a badly emotional trance, that brought her repercussions in all its areas. Economically she was in red, emotionally she was found very disturbed, and their psychic and physical health they were very diminished. The girl was to the edge of her forces, taking many medicines to be able “to throw a little bit more”. Therefore she was found all alone, with a whole house on her shoulders, and without any support, neither nobody was aroud. She had been very pretty in his younger years, and no matter how more she continued being youth, at the age of 25 she was seen eroded, worn and with his appearance completely switched. Besides she was suffering diverse nervous, muscular, and digestive inconveniences that had it to her so badly bringing. In the middle of all her personal tragedy by the many losses suffered, she tells that one morning raised herself to be going to work as every day. She showered, and then, when was drying with the towel, and she saw herself in the mirror. Then she found that had wrinkles in the front, in the eyes, and also in other parts of the body, besides grooves, cellulites and other undesirable appearances. She, that being a Christian was used to praying very often, was about praying to God but she just dropped the towel to the floor. She was crossed of arms set against the mirror, and looking at the image reflected with a conceited smile, just as she tells, thinking “oh, it’s really so huh…..?” Instead of leaving running to the closest pharmacy to buy a cream against the aging, there she was standing up against the mirror, and she said aloud: “No. No…, no…, no. It cannot be. It’s impossible! How? If I am without wrinkles… I do not believe it myself, and you…, pocket mirror, you’re a thing, I am a person. I am with a smooth skin, I have had always a good skin, but what do I say “good”? Perfect! I am without wrinkles, without old age, without “age”! so… end of the story.” Immediately afterwards, she made two lines in the eyes with the eyeliner, she dressed and she went to work. She forgot the matter completely, therefore by those days she was too busy.
Around a month and middle later, being she of license from work and with some free time, she put a netting and was being applied the UV protector, getting ready for going to the beach, when suddenly paid attention to “that” again. She did not have wrinkles anymore, neither grooves, not even a little cellulites, and seemed of 25 years old again. For a while she did not understand which would have been the “spark” or the “magic” that had been operated in her. To her it took a good time to be able to tell it to somebody. Some months later someone appeared and, thanks to God, it was explained to her at time, that what she had done: She was swum more and nothing less than a DECREE, no matter how uncounsciously she have expressed. “But, if I prayed!”, she said, “…I asked to God thousands of times, you don’t have an idea about the quantity of Paternosters, all the psalms that I read myself, and yet I wrote my prayers, and nothing happened!!!”
Certainly, her prayers were too much dramatics, tear-jerking and at the time taking for granted, and practically justifying the fact that she was sick, ugly and inharmonious “by the will of God”, as if it was possible that God had evil will!… In that “dialogue” between her and the mirror, she had proclaimed everything that was true, and in those words told to the mirror: “You excuse me, but you are a thing and I a person, so I am sorry… I am more than you”. (“I Am”, the first voice of the verb To Be is the Creative Logos). She did not believed the temporary appearances of a badly moment, and recalled the pure and simple truth, she IS with perfect skin. At times the matter (the solid part of the athoms) is presented to us as somewhat immovable, or something against what we have to fight. There is not need to fight against something that is clearly an erroneous creation of a previous moment, therefore is lower to our Being.

We are we the ones that affect to the matter.

As it is up, thus is down. In the microcosm the things are a replica to scale of the reality in the macrocosm. There you can find two aspects for one same law. And yet, consider that I was speaking you about organic questions. But if our bodies are faithful reflections of what there are in our belief, you will realize that all the exterior events (apparently uncontrollables) such as obstacles in the traffic that you could have had today when driving your car, or like any another objection that “did not depend on you”, they are nothing more nor less than answers of the Universe for a decree that you made, possibly without realize yourself, wether conciously or not. By this reason, is so important to keep in mind our responsibility respect our thought-feelings, as well as of what we possess, whether these are things or circumstances, and it is much better that we decree all the time in more playful ways (amusing, creative, decompressed) and by the most natural form as being possible.
Our physical appearances, our belongings, our emotional, economic, labor, personal situations, all it depends on the mental attitude with you face the management of your reality in all your world from inside toward outside.

Then, when ask, is better than not “ask” in the sense to implore, to beg, as if was somewhat impossible… More well, claim for what is already yours by Conscience Right and give it for a fact, take it as done. Why not? If there is not any impediment -in the truth- for everything that you can want, if it is good, constructive, and above all, does not damage anyone… I know that will have a lot of objections, therefore thousands would be the examples of situations that you may want to change, and in fact we all have irresolute aspects (thanks to God…) in our lives, to continue exercising in them. As for certain things that the people is used to asking, and even to resort to other so that “they help them” to obtain it (as if it was possible!!!), here I will give you a list of things that is not recommendable to ask:

·That Elvis have not deceased. Elvis lives now in another plan (dimension), therefore as for the life in 3D he’s already complied with all, and now has other things to do, similar to the ones that he did here on Earth, just that to a more upper level. Wanting that “return” to its previous life only is not anti-natural, but besides goes against the free will of his own soul, that continues living, working and evolving in upper plans, and not for that reason he will love you a little bit less than before (to the contrary). An order or desire of this nature, is more or less as to want that the time have not passed, whose more immediate consequence would be the annulment of all the events that unchained then, and is therefore an egotistical order, it is not in harmony toward all. Said by the words of Ascended Master Saint Germain: “If the law of gravity was annulled it would not be a miracle, it would be the chaos.
·”The boyfriend of another woman”. It is worth for “the car of the neighbor”, “the money of so-and-so”, “the house of John”, “the position of that companion” or “the woman of So-and-so”. Wanting what possesses another person is more or less as “wanted to be the other person”, which would equal want that the other person not to exists. So that who desires such thing occupy that place, denying the value of his own existence at the same time. Error, father of so many more errors, that I’m not even going to take the inconvenience to mention it. Again, there is not harmony toward all, neither the Divine Will complies here.
·”I want to be higher and with extended bones”, “thinner”, “taller”, etc. Before even think about desiring something, you give thanks to God by being just the way like you are, accepting you fully, and knowing that your stature and temperament they are the just to develop the activity and mission that you have to do in this life. Always there it will be surgeons willing to satisfy all the whims of the conceited one ego, but there is nothing more beautiful than the divine natural legal authority that there is within yourself. You are beautiful from inside out, just the way you are. The Love is not only a feeling directed toward another person, is a state of joy, a kind sensation of victorious achievement, it is happiness and acceptance, is that sensation that Someone loves you measureless, every day, it does not matter how you look today or how you are feeling right now. Why then you would should to despise you…?
·Anther; “I want that today be tomorrow”, oh no, my friend, “tomorrow” does not even exists. Only exists today, and “tomorrow” corresponds to another “today”.
·”It is 10 p.m. and I want that the sun rises up now”. Careful with the vanity. You maintain yourself humble and ask yourself  this question: Who would be supported and to who will profit by something good if the sun rises in the middle of the night?
·”I want that the elephants fly”, etc., once more, the ego challenging to the I Upper. And it is not useless to recall you the chinese proverb: “Be careful with what you desire, maybe it would comply.”

When a genuine desire is born you, then is already given the motive that justifies the resources to obtain it. All the signs carry you in that direction. Whether that you realize or not, very probably, the compliance of your desire will be for blessing to many people and not only each one of you. Walking the time you are going to verify it. God never gives you an incomplete idea. The divine Idea does not come cut in pieces, but is an overall perfect vision, that already knows beforehand all the details in the process of its execution, its principle, development and end, as well as also knows to all the people involved to a short, medium or long time limit. Surely, your motivations for wanting that what you want have an intention, and that intention brings the mark of an attitude. Is this mental attitude the one that qualifies your decree as positive or negative.  So that the mental attitude and our mood and state of mind is the first care that we all should take. “Ask and it will be given to you”. There is not clearer way to explain. It is worth for what you desire, by the reasons that carry you to desire that, and is worth to correct, trasmutate, to change, to catch, whatever that you want to modify in your life.


The Light dominates on the darkness, the positive thing dominates on the negative thing.  All is light. If you had asked something in erroneous form, and now you are carrying the wrong results, is not toolate to amend it. Forget what is done first and start over.
Renew your order.

Strange light in Norway 2009

"A successful failure" (...?) Strange light in Norway 2009

Then, how seems to you if we do a list of good things that we desire, without considering them utopian? No problem appears in your life without bringing its own solution within itself.  I do not give for exhausted this theme, don’t you dream on it…, this will continue… In the meantime, I will not get tired enough to recall you that we affect to the matter, not “she” to us, and I will put this link 


… as many times as be necessary, so that let us see how is  true that the decree has the largest power of all the powers that the Pa in Heaven gave to you.  You can find this link also in “The Photographs of the Dr. Emoto”, in this very same blog, in allusion to the movie “What the *BLEEP do we know?!”, and that you cannot not have seeing it. For now me dismissal, desiring you a lot of Happiness for you and your beloved ones, as well as also for all everywhere, in the place and time in which you found whenever you open this page.
                      Jacquie Bloggera

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  1. I’m so glad that I nominated your blog for Blog of the Year!

    • Wow, looks like you have read… a lot (lol) this is not of my best translations though, but thanks! I do live this way I say. for real.


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