Blog Of The Year 2012 (2nd. Part!)

14 diciembre, 2012

Wow, I’ve been given my second star!

Thank you so very much to http://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/ for this award. I have no words, in a matter of fact I’m speechless 🙂 Orbs Delight is a wonderful photographer and cronicler, he has inspired me beyond belief and I think you could also go to see his blog to your own wonder and  astonishment. 

As I said in my previous blog “Blog Of The Year 2012”, I have nominated him, Orbs Delight  http://orbsdelight.wordpress.com/ as well as El Closet de Los Recuerdos http://mysecretloveforyou.wordpress.com/ for her heart put into her inspiring writings, and I truly recommend to visit this blog.

Thank you so much, Orbs!


If you know of a blog that you love and you think it deserves to be awarded, you can find the way, rules and FAQ as well as all what is needed to make a happy blogging about the Blog Of The Year 2012 award, here in The Thought Palette http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/our-awards/blog-of-the-year-2012-award/

3 comentarios

  1. Thank you for this lovely acceptance speech. Well deserved, (she) said!

  2. congratulations on your award and second star and thanks for sharing it!

    • It’s a pleasure, and thank you! This is a great opportunity to get to know more from each other.


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