The Current Online Coexistence [A super friendly post]

9 julio, 2013

This is an article in response to @AvoidComments, based on his statements on his blog. Since he does not allow comments on his website, inviting people to write about it instead, I’ve decided writing this post about the effect of the current media style in our lives, hoping this can clarify my answer and hopefully help other people as well.

Dear Shane:

I do not intend to change your mind about the comments section. I know you started your twitter account named ‘Don’t Read Comments’ as a joke, but behind every joke there is always a second read on hold, something serious and true deserving to be taken on mind. Some days ago you posted one of your most popular tweets, which was retweeted by several people, and to which I answered this way:

Imagen twitter screencap

Now I’m going further.

Possibly you might be thinking something like this: “the reaction, yes! that’s exactly my problem”. Let us now consider the kinds of comments you might have.

  • Sincere encouraging comments
  • Flattering good comments
  • Sincere disgusting comments; and
  • That kind of comments you don’t know how to qualify because they are ambiguous and lead you to question yourself about your own value. When this happen, you should take on mind just one thing: “what am I doing to deserve this attack?”

If you observe when this happens, you will see a constant. You have done -or you’re about doing- something good, not saying the best thing of your life, or maybe yes, but one thing is for sure: only you can do this that way. This means many things, but most of all, you have creativity which leads us to infer you have a soul. This is all what matters.

I use to say to my closest friends I do not consider myself something too special, moreover I say this: “Maybe my work is not the genius kind, maybe my stories are not exactly gems of the literature, but I’m sure I have not copied anyone, all I do is from my own”.

As for your work, it is a reflection of your soul, it has your pattern with all your distinctive nature: you are funny, cheerful and smart. It is good for many people, very good indeed. The fact of being good at something, not only that but also giving it to others, is a feature very welcomed by a lot of people, but for others, it’s like drinking cyanide. Why? They don’t want your games, they want to be you. Obviously, this is impossible, only you can be you. So, what do they do? Trying to prevent you from keeping yourself doing it, at least they will try to stop you in some way.

Who are these?

Contrary to what you might think, this “people” are not exactly people but individuals used by a negative force created by the control system, to keep you the way you were several years ago, to keep you in herd mentality. It is nothing but a try to return yourself like them, back to the way they still live: with herd behavior.

Before I continue explaining this, I want to emphasize this is not a matter “We against them”, not at all. As I said, this is not about isolated individuals but forces. Some of them, they know exactly what they are doing – and enjoying it-, some others don’t know why they do that, they only know they can’t help it, like animals or more primitive beings, mechanically.

Now let’s look at the “benefits” or “profits”, if they may be called this way. I will take the foot of my previous line. I said: “… the reaction is all yours”. And I was short of words due to the 140 characters twitter feature.

The main consequences of extremely low-frequency comments are: anger, confusion, sense of futility, even sadness, impotence, etc. Let’s take only one: anger. For you, this is obviously something undesirable. For them: food. These individuals used by the lowest forces of the world, the sheep of the herd, are in fact feeding themselves through your anger. What you would normally call “junk”, is filet mignon for them. Remember they have nothing, they have no creativity to make their own livelihood, and they cannot be you. So, what will they do? Trying to stop you by generating in yourself all the opposite to creativity. The bigger your anger, the bigger your backlash, the better and juiciest is the “food”.

How can you realize that this is the case?

Check out occasions in which this happens. Almost always it comes when you are – or are about- creating something out of the ordinary, even exceptional.

Now you could be asking “How do I stop this?”, and I say it is not actually too difficult. Just by the fact of knowing it, is enough. Once you unmasked it, once exposed the bad intention, now as you know what they do not want, you would do the best for yourself (and for others like you) just by keeping yourself moving forward with your project. Do your stuff! love your work! This is poison to them. Keep yourself busy, just the way you were before reading that bad comment, this is equal to saying “back off…”, just like that, without the slightest emotion. Just give them more of what they DO NOT want. Keep yourself creative and alive.

Finally, I have to disagree with you in one little detail. You say this is what the current media style has brought to us. I do not see it this way. I mean, this has happened since ages. There is nothing new about it, except for the fact of the rapidity with which some people type the first thing that springs to mind. Try – if you can, some of us we are old enough to it- to remember how life was before some morons have messed up Youtube getting it dirty, even long before the internet was a reality to many of us. Well, it was already happening, but you did not know what they were thinking. The only difference between back then and now is that now you get to know instantly what people are actually thinking, since they are not hiding it to you. They don’t hide their thoughts, although they are hiding themselves. The truth is, as much as I can recall now, I could not find any advantage on the way it was back then, ignoring what happens does not guarantee you’re not going to feel anything. Personally, I prefer to know.

Like you, I’m sure I have not exhausted the issue by this post, yet I think it’s a better approach to the subject, rather than what the possibilities of the 140 characters allow us. Now you probably understand why I don’t follow your twitter, but I must to say thank you for giving me the chance to talk about this controversial issue, since it concern to so many people.

Oh, and one more thing: you can comment here, IF I approve the comment. There is always a choice for everyone.


                                            Jacquie Bloggera

2 comentarios

  1. Excellent, Jacqueline! Very precise elucidation of a major topic. We do need to evaluate our reactions, we do have a choice to accept a comment or not, and we do have a choice to feed juicy hunks of anger to the wretched or not. Sometimes that has been my primary guideline: refusing to give them their food of anger. Once again, well done, Jacquie!

    • Thanks Cheyenne, this is one of those posts that I’m never sure whether I did right or wrong in publishing. Probably I’ll be back soon addressing similar subjects that I find troubling about all of us as a society.


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