10 marzo, 2015

This is an English translation made upon my previous post in Spanish «La Energía, la Bola y la Adrenalina», which I wrote without editing. I usually do that on every post in Spanish: raw – as it comes, that’s how I write.

Note: In this context, the term “ball” -used like “to give ball”- refers to care about, be mindful of or, more specifically, take into account. It’s the informal idiom for “pay attention” (to something or someone) in South America and can be interpreted as the opposite of disregard. And yes, its origin comes from football: “to pass the ball” to someone.

Do I have your attention now? Okay. Now, please, let me help you to recover that spherical, round, cute, desired, and geometrically perfect… ball.

First things first. In the pitch of life, it all starts… by you. Everything is energy, including you.

We all have a dose of energy for our daily lives, similar – if not equivalent – to which was given to us at the time of birth, and that is replenished fresh each day for everyone. It is right there, ready for your use. It is for you to serve yourself from it, so you can continue ahead with the task given to you to do in the days that dear Daddy God gave you to live.

You are entitled to use that power, you have every right in the world to avail yourself of the resources at your disposal, which are also God’s gift to ensure your wellbeing and your best condition to make your daily task, as well as to transport, educate, travel, and everything that makes you grow as a human being.

There is something for everyone in the world, enough to meet everybody’s need. Of course, as Gandhi said: “not enough to satisfy anybody’s greed”. But your basic needs and even the higher ones are already covered. Look at your whole life as if it would last just 24 hours, because from that is what are made, not only days, but also weeks, months, years … 24 hours, that’s all. Today all your needs are met. Tomorrow will be another “today”, then you will say the same.

So, you are always well-supplied. Give thanks to God, the Absolute, or the Infinite Intelligence for this, always be grateful to life for all the good that reaches your hands, and you will never again miss these things. That precious energy animating yourself is the fuel that allows you to perform the task that has been entrusted to you, whatever it may be, for you to carry on with love, creativity and constructive way, in short: with all the enthusiasm.


So far, everything seems to be in order. Crystal clear. You watch your possessions, your home, your work, your time, your food on the table, your good company, whether it is family as friends, your loved ones, and all is well in your world. What you cannot lose sight of is that not everyone thinks like you. There is a deep-rooted custom in the world about the lack, scarcity, shortage, the “there is no” and/or “I have not”. All these bad habits of thinking are present all around you, and it does not hurt keep in mind that such a concept itself is as false as a three-dollar bill. That’s not true, of course, but being such a wide majority of people convinced that “there is no”, that could eventually beat you.

Within you, you know that there is enough, but outwardly you start to heed the lack of resources, lack of opportunity – blatant lie, because everyone, absolutely everyone has the key, at least once in life, even though it usually happens more than once in a lifetime. The prevailing scarcity consciousness does not belong to the Self, but the ego, and the ego lives in consumerism by default, not in productivity. When the moment of truth is upon us, every looting or scam may come from the ego of any individual. Even from that person to whom you care that much and from whose needs you cannot escape.

It is best to emphasize that must discriminate when a request comes from the ego or the Self of a human being who is struggling. If it’s the latter, let us suppose your friend goes through a difficult time and needs a word of encouragement, perhaps some advice or help of any kind, certainly you are not going to save the whales leaving your friend lying in the street; of course not, that would be an inconsistency. If charity begins at home, you would do what you can (only what you can and want to do) for that friend or person in need, and then both follow, each one, your respective paths in peace. IN PEACE: means without charging bills or bind the other with the arrogant and vile “I helped you.” Once covered the need, each goes his own way. Differently from when it comes to a dependent being, to whom everything is little and nothing is ever enough.

Let us say your partner offers you a “stunning” idea, a radical change of life that will improve you both (?), mainly to him, who offers it to you. And as you love him very much, seeing him so excited, you… agree. But something inside you does not end to fit into place. You start to walk with a tiny pebble in the shoe. You cannot refuse because you assume that your partner loves you as much as you do to him. Here it becomes imperative to observe carefully all possible hidden motives that may underlie, rather than the words so well arranged to the proposal. So overnight, you find yourself forced to alter your schedule, adjusting your time, your money, your conveniences, completely changing your rhythms and routines to accommodate them to the needs of your partner, whom you love so much, at the expense of your wear.

Take a second to see where the “ball” goes. The “ball”, or more precisely the “long shot” (sorry, there is no an English word that stands for “pelotazo”), – nothing less than the action of giving your attention –, goes logically where the vibration is greater. The Hermetic law holds true: “The superior dominates over the inferior”. This does not mean that the mere diverting attention unconciously provoked by the small ego of your partner is higher than your will, not, at all. But it is clearly what is vibrating at a greater frequency than your own determination. From this is made each branding and all marketing in the world, I speak of the social, political, economic world. You may have seen, as almost all of us have seen, pretty poor – even terrible –  ideas, go viral, when they actually have little or no relevance in our lives. Not to mention the time spent (which is no small thing) to find out what is the such a “genius”, that looks much like “holidays!”; the way that is exposed such “innovation” can actually be quite entertaining. That’s where you have sent the sacred “ball”. A dose of wasted Energy that will not come back to you, so you will have to recover with some time, rest and reflection on your part.

Formerly, the world revolutions were armed revolutions. Not that there are no weapons anymore, of course these have not gone out of fashion, they continue to exist, indeed, being very visible. But later in time, there was a revolution of ideas, which is still in force for many, though not the majority yet. Currently, the real revolution is a revolution of consciousness. It is you with your conscience who is torn between being conquered or… simply exit the game. This war is internal, it is waged within your innermost being, in your heart of hearts (there where nobody else but you can enter). Therefore, it becomes vital that you devote quality time with yourself to develop your “strategy” of war. Be a little more jealous of the “Ball” (yes, with an initial capital letter), and keep a careful eye on where, to who or to what you are giving it. If you are one of those grateful people, either if you have much or few possessions, will not lack of those who look at you in anger. Those could even try to pass their hand over your behind, in the delusional desire to get some of that “what you have”, so that it will “come to them”, as if by magic, because they are so convinced that “there is no” and therefore they believe that must get it out of anyone who does have it. Thus, I think I can say that the BALL is key. It is THE desired object, your attention = your energy. They will want to take it off from you, no matter how. But you will have the last word.


And this is where the adrenalin comes into play. A simple hormone, who would have thought? … There are thousands of ways to invade, conquer, loot, but if you look carefully, it all starts with a stimulus. It really does not matter much what is, but it has to be bold, striking, it can even make you laugh or mourn, it does not matter… It is all about getting an emotional answer from you, regardless of which one, but certainly, it has to be strong. I must re-emphasize that it is not the fault of one or two people, but of a whole control system behind that, an entire energy system based on the squandering of resources, lack and then … theft. Below, I discuss two examples, very different from each other, at least in appearance.

Example # 1

On any given day of your life, after a day of productive activity, you take a few spare minutes to get to know what’s new in the world. You look around a bit of everything, but every two minutes an ad jumps on you, offering a revolutionary diet to lose weight and take away 10 years off your appearance in a couple of weeks. At first, you pay no attention, so you skip it a few times. Then, it becomes so insidious, that you end up listening what these merchants have to offer (to you?). It’s so simple, so cheap … and all you have to do is a small expense, not very significant, of money, plus give it as much hype (with thousands of praises, not hard really, from mouth to ear) as you can to spread the word. Actually you are not prompted to do “almost nothing”. It’s so simple, so silly, that even makes you laugh. You laugh heartily. And you keep listening. Within minutes, it turns out … your body is wrong, your proportions are a mess, the clothes you wear is no longer useful nor for a floor cloth, your home is a shack, your car a rubbish, and little less that you are living as subhuman. Then maybe you buy the product in question, or maybe not; and instead, start making expenses of any kind, of every type and color, because suddenly, everything that made your life a paradise has become a pure hogwash. Your job sucks, your emotional state begins to emanate feelings of the lowest, not to mention that your gratitude is gone down the drain.

Example # 2

Your partner or loved one is going through a critical time. You want him to be as happy as you are. But it is not so. And there comes a point where it breaks your heart. You ask him what’s wrong, and he replies that he wants to move to another country, because in your country living conditions are disastrous, whereas in that other country everything is beautiful, perfect, never have labor problems, nor lack of health care, opportunities abound, etc. Until now, you haven’t had any complaints, even when you were aware of the effort that is still needed to make your country a better place. You listen to your loved one, your life companion, the one you love that much, so sincerely speaking, that you can not look away. Even his rational analysis turns out to be impeccable for you, his sense of adventure is contagious, and … his gaze … is so charming, that you cannot help but say yes, that he is absolutely right and you agree. Of course, you only want everything to be in harmony, not only for you, for him too, and regain the joy of living that once had joined together you two. When you least expect, you are in a tremendous move of sales, contract terminations, urgent phone calls, no free time even to go to the bathroom. You can hardly have time to do your own analysis, even less for a serious reflection on your part. You just want everything to end at once, and be already in that other “great life” your partner suggested you that day, when he was with all low biorhythms. For a while, perhaps months, your work for which you did study, or have prepared yourself that much, will be interrupted. Then, one thing leads to another, and in a trice it turns out your previous life just stank, it was not good at all, so … let’s put our expectation now in successful entrepreneurship from your loved one’s idea (*).  Close cycle and start over.

(*) Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting to be indifferent to the needs of your loved ones, oh no, not at all. Just consider the possibility that your loved one/s might have had a bad day, nothing that could not be healed with a hot food and some good sleep. In any case, use your discernment.

In both, either in Example # 1 as in Example # 2, the trick is to artificially create a reaction that appears to be voluntary on your part. It has to be you who wants it – at the cost of stopping all what you’re doing. The whole system is intended to use anything and anyone in order to divide yourself from your inner identity, to get you out of your center, make you doubt yourself, interrupt you, drain your energy that was meant to complete the task in hand – the most interesting, the better –, dragging your energy to the point that you give in. Without realizing it, you find that your life consists of: do nothing, do not express, do not say, do not think, do not breathe, or simpler: do not be.

Unfortunately, too many generations were educated under a social scheme meant to consider other people are correct, and to believe it’s you who must be wrong. But … wait, why adrenaline is key? “What has to do adrenaline”, you may be wondering.


Adrenaline is a hormone that is released once there is an unforeseen situation; does not need to be of alarm, although often it is, but let’s say your perception of reality becomes upside down. It’s basically a substance acting as a neurotransmitter. It tells the physical body that something different is happening in its environment and, therefore, it is coming out of the normal activities of daily living. This hormone has a direct influence on the smooth muscle of veins, arteries, digestive system, and all activities related to the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system), thus raising the level of general metabolism. Emotionally, operates as a stimulus, it suggests you that something unusual has occurred and you have to be alert. Adrenaline could be your friend or your enemy. If you are crossing the street and there comes a truck at full speed, adrenaline makes you accelerate the pace and save your life. After crossing the street, the most common reaction is to be wide awake, in a way as you had not been before. Better than if you had drunk a cup of strong coffee.

Just imagine a situation like this: if you are sitting in front of a psychopath, and this is the first time in life you see him. Then, suddenly, he begins to insult you for no reason. You know that everything he is saying is a lie. He does not know anything about you; he is making it up all. However, he is getting a negative emotional response from you, even if you do or say nothing, and neither try to retort. Then, inexplicably, he stops, and falls silent as if nothing had happened. Next, what happens to you is that unconsciously you start to get defensive, somehow expecting the event to happen again. It’s like a sort of temporary paranoia. It will take a while to get over it until the excess adrenaline is removed from your system.


Therefore, it is necessary to observe oneself to detect when one is rushing from one thing to another by pure adrenaline and not by a real need. Adrenaline is addictive, more than sugar. If you ever see yourself again in this way, seeking the next stimulus indiscriminately, just stop. It’s just stop, stop everything you are doing now, stop the thinking processes that you are having now, as these are very likely to be wrong. Just stop and breathe, and get aware of how you feel. Return to your senses here in this present moment, in this place where you are. Here is the best place. Now is the best time. Come back to your present and understand that the peace you are looking for needs to be enabled by you, being allowed to reach this moment of yours. Do not block it, nor try to rush into another time, either physically or mentally, much less emotionally. Allow peace be established right here. No more chasing your thoughts or pamper your emotions, stop all that … and allow your heart and mind to be calm here and now – yes, now – while you read this. Breathe in, inhale, exhale, concentrate on that simple energy source that is the breathing; detect our tense muscles and relax them as far as you can, slowly…, and allow your mind and your soul to rest. And then when all the turmoil has ceased, with another head and another calm, you will know where the error was, at what point you had it wrong, at what you overdid, and learn from that mistake. But not at the moment. Now you simply rest from all this previous madness. Allow your whole being relax. Enjoy the peace that comes from going to nowhere, looking for anything in particular, just feeling how you feel now, and experiencing this moment. Remember: you cannot rush towards peace; if you hurry, you just move away from it.

————————————- Jacquie Bloggera



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