12 agosto, 2020

Hello from the exile.

As many of you know, my name is Jacqueline Petingi Labastie. I live in Montevideo, Uruguay, I am 60 years young, and I was born with a strong intuition, that several times I wished I had not. I also have the undesirable ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and learn things that I’m not supposed to know.

I am a physiotherapist and a writer (fictional writer). When I was still working on my first profession, I discovered a net of doctors recruiting healthy people to make them their chronic patients just to increase their basic salary. (Of course, they would be ready to say that I made this up.) I recriminated them for this, then they declared me emotionally unstable and removed me from my tasks. Forever.

Embarrassment. That’s what I felt. A bunch of psychopaths make their sh!t all around, and the one who feels ashamed is you. Typical. Since then I fought to take my child forward no matter what, and then I became a writer.

Please bear with me, here I come with my point.

What I told you above is no more than the sample button of the whole world. In a time when censorship is common currency, everything leads you to think that you are not worth it, and to feel ashamed of yourself. Sadly, this world is ruled by psychopaths, real cockroaches, soulless beings who do not deserve to be called human, and there you are…, asking to yourself what you did wrong. Typical. Well, you did nothing wrong but existing and expressing your views freely. That’s all.

We live in a world in which all the Bible prophecies are no longer predictions but reality. Why expect for “the great tribulation”. “weeping and gnashing of teeth”, or the “rapture”? We are already there since a long while. Otherwise, please tell me how on the world is it possible that some small number of people are willing to pay $ 10.000 for a hamburger or any other delicatessen. Why? Because they are eccentric, or they love to pay fortunes for a food? What are they made of? Human products. That’s how sick are the psychopaths ruling the world, best known as Deep State. Of course, they are not human, it doesn’t matter how they look, even beautiful people that you have seen and admired on movies or TV they have no human soul. Moreover, many of them owe their fame and fortune to these aberrant practices. This and other abominations are happening right before our eyes as I speak.

Human trafficking must end, for yesterday.

It should have been stopped by today. But the pedophile ring is large; ritual rapes and sacrifices are still occurring. Did you know that there are reported 11 million of missing children in the world every year? It is more than necessary that everyone wakes up to the true reality that surrounds us right now.

So, when we finally see a president with balls enough to stop all this madness, someone who really deserves to be supported and celebrated, you express your feelings, speak your mind and hullo, you are censored.

I live in Uruguay, a well-known “discrete” masonic country. Yet, this is not about one country or two, this is a whole world full of lies. We have been lied about the history, our true origins, about science, about technology, about almost everything learned at school for decades, if not a century at the very least.

Besides this, the mainstream media lies every five minutes to you, making you believe that all what is happening in the world is circumscribed to some riots and a certain virus from China, so smart virus that infects you if you go for a walk in the park and does not infect anyone looting and vandalizing a store, a genius virus that can read your name before infecting you. Thus, filling your head with these trashes, you never find the right time and environmental conditions to stay quiet and put some perspective on it all.

Think for yourself.

Remember yourself, who you are, why you do what you do and the way you do it. Remember your motives, the reasons that brought you to this point and led you to think and act the way you do today. In any case, draw your own conclusions, always. Validate yourself in the first place. You are part of a minority, believe me.

What [they] do is throw their disease on you. [They] cause destruction, then accuse you of it. This is what is known in psychology as projection. Do not allow them to make you doubt yourself. At this point, I strongly suggest learning more about psychopathy, sociopathy, and especially narcissism, of what we are surrounded by. Learn more about their tactics, see how automatic and predictable they are, also learn about “flying monkeys”, “zero contact” and the “grey rock strategy”, since these are very useful tools to deal not only with a narcissistic person but also with a society that promotes narcissistic behaviors everywhere, and even considers them “good” and “normal”. We are dealing with real criminals. So, I also recommend reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

After this reflection, I want to tell you that some days ago mi 10 year-old Twitter account @Jackyplab was suspended. Please note, I didn’t say that I was suspended, just my account. I am a person, not an account. I spoke to Twitter Support, they told me they noticed “aggressive behavior”, which I did not do, then my account went to “temporarily restricted”. I have created a second account @JPLabastie as a backup account, but I am not hurry at all to fix it. I really miss my fellow Patriots, a lot! And I know there has been a “purge” of thousands of accounts, big or small accounts, and it continues still.  But, for what I am concerned, I understand why this is happening, and I have decided to leave this issue quiet for a little while, until the waters calm down. With or without Twitter or any social network, I will take some time to put more awareness about how to manage my priorities, act assertively, considering everything that is happening in these tough times. To be honest, my guts are refusing to be logged in a social network that silences you just like that, only because of your views. It disgusts me to the point of not wanting to be part of it. But I will be back soon. Meanwhile, I am with you in thoughts and feelings.

So, frens, don’t give up, stay strong, we are united, and nothing can change that. Also, you know that:

Nothing can stop what is coming.



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